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The format is based on Keep a Changelog, that adheres to Semantic Versioning.



  • Full two-way sync
  • Support for legacy_scripts and keep_unknowns fields
  • Ability to re-release the same version when needed
  • Virtual file system for testing
  • plugin command now fallbacks to bundled binary if user has no internet connection
  • update command that updates both CLI and plugin regardless of global configuration
  • Community stats tracking
  • Helper scripts


  • Instance source tracking and meta management
  • Standard file system with additional methods
  • Argon network protocol now uses MessagePack instead of JSON
  • Sessions that crashed now get removed from sessions.toml file


  • .src and init files in sourcemap generation
  • Open In Editor now opens folders only if instance has no other sources
  • Plugin now installs and updates correctly on Windows

2.0.0-pre5 - 2024-03-22


  • plugin command now creates directory if the provided one does not exist
  • Argon plugin gets installed automatically at the first Argon launch
  • Config is now only read once