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Learn about Argon and why you should use it!

What is Argon?

It's a feature-full tool that allows use of external editors, version control systems, automated workflows and help manage both small and huge projects. It's made for professional users as well as for beginners!

Why use Argon?

Because it takes very little time and effort to start using but brings ton of advantages:

External Editors

Dive into the world of fast coding with many helpful extensions and exciting themes with these recommended editors:


Make your code better and prettier with this awesome community created tools:

  • Luau LSP - write code faster with smart completion
  • StyLua - write consistent and beautiful code with ease
  • selene - statically analyze your code to find potential problems
  • Wally - easy and intuitive package manager for Roblox
  • roblox-ts - seamless TypeScript to Luau compiler

Version Control

Never lose your code again and keep an eye on changes made to your project by using Git with one of these hosts:

  • GitHub - most popular and flexible, the best overall
  • GitLab - AI powered, focused on security and deployment
  • Gitea - self hosted and private


There are other good Argon-like tools out here:

  • Rojo - most popular and advanced, similar to Argon
  • rbxmk - focused on file processing
  • Lync - focused on automation