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One of the main features of Argon is the extreme ability to customize it to your liking. This page will guide you through the process of configuring Argon to fit your needs.

Argon CLI

Argon command line interface is configurable through two main ways.

Command Options

When running argon, you can add options to customize the behavior of the Commands. Here are some examples:

  • --docs or -d - Include documentation in the project
  • --template or -T - Select the project template

Global Config

Argon has a global config file that can be used to set default settings for the CLI. The configuration file is located at:

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.argon\config.toml
  • macOS & Linux: ~/.argon/config.toml

And can have the following settings:

hostlocalhostDefault server host name when live syncing
port8000Default server port when live syncing
templateplaceDefault project Template to use when creating a new project with argon init. Argon comes with five templates: place, plugin, package, model and quick. But you can add your own! Just create a new folder with the desired name and contents in .argon/templates/
licenseApache-2.0Default project license SPDX identifier to use when creating a new project with argon init. Argon will pull license template from GitHub so if there is no internet connection, placeholder will be used instead
include_docstrueControls whether documentation files should be included in the project (README, LICENSE, CHANGELOG) when running argon init and present in the project template
use_gittrueToggles the use of Git for source control. If enabled Argon will initialize a new repository and add .gitignore file when running argon init and present in the project template
use_wallyfalseWhether to use use Wally for project package management. When enabled Argon will install dependencies automatically, add wally.toml file when running argon init and add Packages to the project file if present in the template
run_asyncfalseWhether to run Argon asynchronously every time you use argon serve, argon build or argon sourcemap (with --watch enabled). Useful when running multiple Argon instances as it will free up the terminal. To stop running Argon sessions use argon stop command
scan_portstrueWhen enabled Argon will scan for the first available port if selected one is already in use
detect_projecttrueWhether Argon should intelligently detect the project type. This allows to run roblox-ts or to install Wally packages automatically
with_sourcemapfalseWhether Argon should generate sourcemap by default when running Serve or Build command. Useful for Luau LSP users
build_xmlfalseIf no path is provided, Build command will always use the Roblox XML format instead of binary
check_updatestrueWhether to check for new Argon releases on CLI startup (limited to once per hour). This setting also updates Argon plugin if install_plugin setting is enabled
auto_updatefalseWhen enabled Argon will automatically install Argon updates if available. Otherwise you will be prompted for confirmation. This setting also works with install_plugin
install_plugintrueWhether to install Roblox plugin locally by default and keep it updated when above settings are enabled
rojo_modefalseWhen enabled Argon will use Rojo namespace by default when creating a new project
ts_modefalseWhether to use roblox-ts by default when creating, serving or building any project
package_managernpmPackage manager to use when running roblox-ts related scripts. Currently Argon supports every major package manager: bun, npm, pnpm and yarn however, any binary that has "create" command and can execute dynamic packages will work
lua_extensionfalseToggles between .lua and .luau file extension when writing and transforming scripts
move_to_binfalseControls whether to move files to the system bin instead of permanently deleting them (only applies when syncing changes from Roblox Studio to the file system)
share_statstrueToggles sharing of anonymous Argon usage statistics which are displayed on the home page to show the size of the Argon community

Argon Plugin

Argon Roblox Studio plugin is configurable through the settings menu that can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the main plugin window. At the very top you can control whether to toggle settings on the:

  • Global level
  • Game level
  • Place level

Here are the settings you can change:

Server HostlocalhostThe host name of the server that plugin should connect to in order to start live syncing
Server Port8000The port of the server that plugin should connect to in order to start live syncing
Initial Sync PriorityServerWhich side should be considered as up to date when initially connecting (Server, Client)
Only Code ModetrueWhether to initially only sync scripts and instances that have descendant scripts, requires Initial Sync Priority setting to be set to Client
Auto ConnecttrueAutomatically attempt to connect to the server when you opening a new place
Auto ReconnectfalseIf the connection is lost, automatically reconnect to the server after 5 second delay
Display PromptsAlwaysWhen to show prompts for actions that require confirmation (Always, Initial, Never)
Two-Way SynctrueSync changes made in Roblox Studio back to the server (local file system)
Sync PropertiesfalseWhether all properties should be synced back to the server (does not affect scripts), requires Two-Way Sync setting
Open In EditorfalseOpen scripts in your OS default editor instead of the Roblox Studio one
Log LevelWarnThe level of logging you want to see in the output (Off, Error, Warn, Info, Debug, Trace)
Keep UnknownsfalseBy default keep instances that are not present in the file system instead of destroying them
Skip Initial SyncfalseWhether to skip the initial sync when connecting to the server (only recommended for large places)
Override PackagestrueAllow writing changes made on the server side to the instances affected by PackageLink

Argon Extension

Argon Visual Studio Code extension is configurable by selecting checkboxes when running specific commands and through the editor settings that can be accessed by running Argon: Open Menu and selecting Settings from the list (it will filter the settings to only show Argon related ones).

Here are the settings that can be changed:

Auto RuntrueWhether Argon should serve last used project automatically
Auto Launch StudiofalseWhether Roblox Studio should be launched automatically when running a project
Focus StudiotrueWhether Roblox Studio should be focused when executing code
Notification LevelInfoWhat level of notifications should be shown at the bottom right corner (Info, Warning, Error, Off)
Default HostlocalhostThe host name that live sync server should be running on
Default Port8000The port that live sync server should be running on
VerbosefalseWhether to log verbose tracing to the output panel