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Porting an Existing Game

Learn how to port your existing Roblox game to Argon!

Porting from Roblox Studio

  1. Create an empty Argon project as described in the Create New Project guide
  2. Make sure your *.project.json file has all services you would like to port included
  3. Open target place in Roblox Studio
  4. Change Initial Sync Priority to Client in Argon plugin settings
  5. Go back to the project and start Live Sync
  6. Connect plugin to the running Argon session
  7. Accept incoming changes from Roblox Studio (CLI only)
  8. Voilà! Your game is now on your file system and you can start coding!

Porting .rbxl or .rbxlx Files

Not implemented yet.

Instance Filtering

You can tell Argon to ignore certain instances by their name, class or path. Additionally you can specify properties that should be ignored. All of this can be done by specifying Syncback Settings in the *.project.json file. Here is an example:

"name": "Project",
"tree": {
"$path": "src"
"syncback": {
"ignoreNames": ["Map", "Models"],
"ignoreClasses": ["Part", "Camera"],
"ignoreProperties": ["Size", "Position"]