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Creating a New Project

Learn how to quickly create a new Argon project!

Project Initialization

To create a new Argon project, you can use either the Visual Studio Code extension or the CLI.

  1. Open new folder in Visual Studio Code
  2. Open the command palette by pressing Ctrl/ + Shift + P and run Argon: Open Menu > Init
  3. Choose the name of the project file or leave it default (recommended)
  4. Select the Template you want to use
  5. Select all Additional Options you want to use
  6. Review the Project File (*.project.json) and Start using Argon!

Project Templates

Argon provides a few templates to help you get started with your project. Here are the available templates:

  • Place - For creating Roblox games
  • Plugin - For writing Roblox Studio plugins
  • Package - For writing Wally packages and Roblox libraries
  • Model - For creating Roblox models and assets
  • Quick - Just like the Place but with most services already included in the Project File, recommended for beginners

You can create your own template by creating a folder with the desired name and contents in this directory:

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.argon\templates
  • macOS & Linux: ~/.argon/templates

Additional Options

When initializing a new project, you can choose to include optional files and use other tools. Here are the available options:

Include docsInclude documentation files: README, LICENSE and CHANGELOG (if present in the template)
Configure GitInitialize a new Git repository in the project folder
Setup WallyAdd Wally manifest to use various packages in the project (if present in the template)
Use roblox-tsInitialize roblox-ts project to use TypeScript language

Argon will remember your last selected options and use them as default for the next project.